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so this no talking thing

so yeah i went to the doc on weds about my voice. it's been going in and out for about a year i'd guess. so yeah he takes a flashlight and looks in and says "doesn't look like it's really anything" "it's probably just an old laryngitus that didn't get to heal all the way. i say you should not talk for a week. i'll give you a note to give your job" and so i go to work the next day and take the note to CFA and realize that it says that i have to be off work for a week. which is like YAY. but no money yaknow. so i went to suzys and bothered her without my voice and we swam and junk. on friday the short, evan, and some of the shortys friends went to drunk fest at the circle and hung out. i have to write down everything i want to say in this little graph paper composition notebook. i was "flirting on paper" jenn's friends said. then we all hung out til late at shortys. kevin alamanza and patrick page came out too and hung out. the next morning i was talking to frank on AIM and he was in Havasu working on that MTv thing. he wanted us to come visit. and being that i'm hillary and i didn't have to work, or talk sigh, we (the short and i) borrowed the suburban and cruised out to havasu and watched frank work. had a good time, too bad he was busy the whole time, but it was still fun, we all went to dinner together and stuff and i showed short-cake what havasu is like, she'd never been. yesterday evan and i went to disneyland and dca. we had a few drinks at dca. 2 zombies there and i had another at the uva bar. i was feeling pretty good. sucks that i couldn't talk though. i don't think this is really helping my voice at all. we'll see. whee.
start school today. russian tonight, but i think i'm going to have to drop it and just have school on mons and weds so i can work more and get the hearse and cuda fixed up.
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