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slit my throat

cyborg control
15 December
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110 cameras, 24 hour diners, 45's, 50's diners, 60's, 60's garage, analog devices, androids, architecture, atari, bad religion, balding guys, batteries, big computers, big hair, bikes, black hair, black hair dye, blood, bowling, bowling alleys, braces, breakfast, breaking hearts, calculators, cheap cameras, cheesy movies, chrysler, chuck taylors, circuit boards, circuits, collecting records, collecting rocks, computers, creepers, cruisers, denny's, disneyland, dr. pepper, dreamy boys, drinking alcohol, dry humping, duct tape, dwight yoakum, garage rock, get smart, going to shows, googie, graph paper, gray, guitars, halloween, hank floyd, jimmy fallon, learning, little pants, longboards, making fun of strangers, man or astro-man?, matching amazing bikes, milkman droids, mocket, moogs, mooney suzuki, morbid, nailing, nintendo, no i'm cho, norm's, not wearing underwear, obscure, old books, old country, old mercedes, palm trees, pants, parrots, pedal steel, photography, pinball, pinball machines, pineapples, pirates, polaroid, porn, porn stars, pornography, pr0n, psychobilly, pulp art, ray guns, records, riverside, robots, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, roller skates, rollerskates, ron jeremy at disneyland, roy lichtenstein, sears, shaggy hair, shaggy haired balding guys, showers, socks, spying, stabbing my eyes out, stag films, stealing signs, surf music, sushi, synths, t-rex, tall boys, tape, thank god it's friday, the 60's, the 909, the cramps, the ventures, thrift stores, tiki, tomorrowland, traci lords, tv land, vespas, vintage cars, vodka, x-ray specs