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cyborg control

must start working out again this week.
I at least need to do something every day, like walk or jog or sweatin to the oldies.

This weekend was a success if i do say so myself

while I did work saturday, I still had 2 days off with the holiday yesterday and what not.

Saturday night we just got shit together for the bbq. I made beer jello shots and cut up such a huge watermelon.

Sunday morning brenda and I got so much done around the apartment besides just cleaning. we hung some kitchy art and things we needed to. we hung those lights on the patio, I even put a power strip out there (which is great until the condensation kills it). brenda and I both knocked over the same plant. I probably did more damage though...but somehow it deserved it. Oh and I broke one of those lights we hung. I'm a monster.

Everyone that came over on Sunday was awesome. Just a rad group of mellow people hanging out, drinking, bbq'ing, brad did a little concert for us. good times all around.

oh and we have australians. Adam came over Sunday for the bbq and what not and Stavros arrived at our place yesterday.

We went to the beach yesterday. Adam laid out...Stavros surfed. Brenda and I went swimming. the ocean was the perfect temperature. Then last night we watched Brad (the neighbor) play at the gypsy den open mic night. It was a super relaxing, nice Labor Day.

Tonight Brad (the neighbor) Johnson is playing at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. It'll be rad seeing him play a full 40 minute set.
If anyone is down come check him out, it's free, he goes on at 11

bye for now, livejournal
<#3 Hillary
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