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vocal hygiene

so i'm going to have to go to speech therapy starting in oct 2 times a week for like a month or so. i got this paper on "The DO's and DON'T'S of using your voice" it says to "avoid making "unconventional" sounds with your voice for prolonged periods. Avoid making "special effects" sounds: motor noises, reverse vocalizations, low-pitched growling sounds, shrill, tense sounds, very high or low pitched sounds, etc." what the hell am i supposed to do then!!!

so this weekend was fun. work was a pretty good time. just pretty good. on Sunday night i went to Hot Hot Heat at HOB anaheim...they we damn good live, IMA ROBOT played as well and i totally dig them so i got a CD. the short and i made some friends...we had a good time.

i had some other stuff to say i'm sure.
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wow, i would never survive. sound effects are a crucial part of my life!
good luck.
Geez, I'm sorry. I hope your voice comes back so you can make blood-curdling screams, explosions,and robotic noises. I hope everything works out for ya, DON'T BECOME A MUTE!!!

~Le Nerd
you should have asked for some clarification. like, are fert and guh words or sound effects?
Hot Damn, you're alive!

I would like to see Hot Hot heat live.
wow ,.. how insane , ,.. you should hear some of the weird shit that comes outta my mouth ,.. well ,.. then again I did leave ya a few drunken messages on yer phone a few times, ,....I need that class, I say,...