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can more stuff please go wrong

so photojournalism is cancelled due to low enrollment. fuck.

i need to move the hearse and put it in storage until i can afford to fix it since it got a police notice on it that it has to be moved. fuck.

go to the doc to get a return to work form and since the first week of no talking didn't help at all he tells me not to talk for another week. which means another week without work. and i have 27 bucks in the bank. Fuckin ROCK N ROLL.

the fact that i have no money causes the hearse not to move. which makes things worse.
and i have to go back to class tonight.

annndd the fucking doctor questioned if i actually didn't talk or not. he kept sayiing "you wrote everything down? and then he says 'why are you talking to me right now?'"
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