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i should do some posting action

so my canoe team (code h) is out of the races. we rock. haha. the same morning i almost got my crew hit by a trashtruck and ran over a lady (she ran out of the way) while driving the scooter...both at the same time. i scare them. i knew what i was doing.

sunday night i went to fiend fest at the grove. D.I., Balzac (who fucking rock japanese style), agnostic front (they didn't have to be there), the dickies (hhahaha, love live), the damned (that guy doesn't age. mmmm to my ears), and the misfits (ingredients: 1 misfit who didn't sing before, 1 black flag member, and marky ramone). another thing, their new album is the misfits 1950s project. that was one fun night with dan. i was tall.

i've been working a lot.
housesitting at Jay Tee's starting sunday thru the 20th. whhhhheeeeee. yay. let's BBQ.
big doin's at rudeboys. that's all i know.

took the metrolink home today.
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